22 years old, from Moldova.
Studies Branding & Marketing
Management at
VIA University College in Herning.

“Students are provided with all the necessary study materials, and there are many extracurricular activities in which you can learn new things that are not included in the study program.”


My name is Marcela, I am 22 years old and I come from the Republic of Moldova. I study Branding & Marketing Management
at VIA University College.

What were your considerations when you chose what to study?

My considerations when choosing what to study were the following:

My interests – I was looking for a specialty that interests me, a field that I will be interested in studying for the next years and,
as a result, to work in the future.

Course Content – Before I applied to my study place, I checked the course content to understand the program better and
create a first impression of the specialty.

Graduate Employment Rate – Before I applied to VIA University, I was asking the administration regarding
their past students and their current jobs.

In my opinion, it is vital to take a marketable course. I think there is nothing as frustrating as having to study for many years
only to be an unemployed graduate statistic.

What was most important to you in the process?

The most important aspect was the support from family and friends. I feel very thankful towards the administration of VIA University, which helped me a lot during the process, answering all my questions and being very friendly and
supportive with all students.

What does the city of Herning offer international students?

Herning offers international students many opportunities.

First of all, higher education in Herning is located at VIA University College and Aarhus University. Also, apartments and rooms come with a better price for students.

As students, we are looking forward to better integration into Danish society, and all of us would like to have
a stable monthly income.

How do you meet new people?

The most significant part of my network I met at university and during the extracurricular activities. I am living in a student house where I also had the opportunity to meet my best friends.

Where do you usually meet?

Because of the current world situation, we are not meeting very often, so we are meeting a lot of times online. We are trying to be as responsible as possible and respect new governmental restrictions.

How is the study enviroment here?

It is an excellent study environment. I am pleased to have the opportunity to study at VIA University College. Students are provided with
all the necessary study materials, and there are many extracurricular activities in which you can learn new things that are not
included in the study program. Teachers help us a lot in the study process, give us advice, and help us with questions unrelated
to school too!

During the lockdown, teachers were very open and supportive, and they kept in contact with us. Many of them offered their contact number and told us that we could contact them if we felt lonely or sad.

How is the atmosphere at the education institutions and in Herning in general?

I like the atmosphere at VIA University College; I do have many friends I can meet during the breaks; we also have very nice and friendly teachers and administration.

Before COVID-19, I Enjoyed going to the library for studies and walking on the central street with my friends.