Our international student ambassadors have answered some of the most common questions about studying and living in Herning.

Are there many activities to do in Herning?

Herning is a great city with lots of different activities and sports to do. Sports vary from baseball, to basketball, golf, boxing, football and much more. Check out for example Herning Sportscentre. For other kinds of activities, DGI offers a set of pools with a spa and gym. Active Herning can direct you to the type of sport that is right for you.
For more tranquil and creative activities, a good option is Huset No. 7. There are lots of bars in the city as well.

Is Herning an independent city? Will I have to travel far to get my groceries, have fun and so on?

Herning is a very independent city. It is the 3rd largest Municipality in Denmark (by Area), and Herning is a fairly new city that offers a big Mall containing 80 shops, a sports centre, church, pubs, clubs, plenty of restaurants, two universities, and a great variety of features. Groceries stores lay all around the city. So no, you will not need to travel far for groceries, furniture or any kind of activity.

Does Herning have good connections with the other main cities? How does public transport work?

Herning has a train station and a bus station. There is a consistent amount of connections to both the bigger and smaller cities in Denmark. There are two apps you should consider downloading to use public transport. The first one is Rejseplanen, where you can check and buy all bus travels. The other one is DSB, where you can check both bus and train tickets and directly buy the ones of the DSB brand.

Learning opportunities in Herning. Which are the universities in Herning?

There are two universities in Herning, Aarhus University and VIA University College. The site for both universities are:

Aarhus: https://international.au.dk/

VIA: https://www.via.dk/

Where can I learn Danish?

If you are an international student living in Denmark, you should consider learning some Danish! The main language academy in Herning is called Sprogcenter Midt and it is currently free for students at both universities.

I’m interested in living in Herning.
What do I need to know?

In order to move into the city of Herning you need to find a place to live at, which you can search at www.boligportal.dk and various other website for rental. Also check out the website of Herning Municipality for advice. The city of Herning provides countless opportunities regarding availability of rental places.

Where should I grab a bite to eat?

There are many good restaurants to choose from, with various thematics, from Chinese to Italian. You can get a piece of every culture considering the diversity of the city. Renowned restaurants are Restaurant Piano, Restaurant Flammen, and Restaurant Den Kinesiske Mur
among many others.

Check out VisitHerning for an overview.

How easy is it to navigate
through the city?

Navigating through Herning is fairly simple due to the well established infrastructure. The main access points can be reached by bus, and even by train. The railway network allows for easy and quick transportation within the city and outside of it. Keeping in mind Denmark is known for its cycling infrastructure, bike paths can be found virtually everywhere for a safe and effective ride.

Is Herning a safe city?

Herning, as most of Denmark, is very safe. Denmark is in fact one of the safest countries in the world. There are little crime incidents happening annually, which makes the area very family friendly, but of course even the safest places has some degree of crime.

Where can I find accommodation for students?

Accommodation for students can come in many forms, depending on the student’s budget. Most student live either in a shared apartments or in their own – either student or privately rented apartment. They choice is mainly whether you want to live in the heart of the city – close to e.g. the Herning Bibiotekerne and the main train station – OR if you students prefer to live close to the place of study.  The Birk neighbourhood is a residential complex strategically build in a close proximity to the campuses of both VIA University College and Aarhus University.

I’ve heard Denmark, in particular, is costly. How bad is it?

Denmark as all Scandinavian countries is considered to be very expensive, however once you get a job and start earning money you realise prices are not that high considering the high salary ratio. Furthermore, in the meanwhile you get a job, and there are some apps that can help you reduce your budget. For example, “Too good to go” where you can buy bags of food unused in restaurants for a very cheap price. Another well known one is “Studiz”, which offers you discounts on all kinds of shops,
from transport to electronics or books.

What is the weather like?
What should I wear?

The weather in Denmark may seem like it has a mind of its own considering the frequent weather changes. However, in Herning it would be most advised to consider the probability of precipitation on a daily basis. There is a local saying that Herning is the most rainy city of Denmark, so at least one raincoat should belong in the wardrobe of any
inhabitant of the city.

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